Accademia Rainbow Prosecco by Bottega

Accademia Rainbow Prosecco by Bottega

GP Brands presents: Accademia Rainbow Prosecco DOC by Bottega

Well… Summer 2020 has been a bit of a non-starter, hasn’t it? But not to worry, #GPBrands has just the thing to keep you going; Accademia Rainbow Prosecco DOC by Bottega.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful multi-coloured Prosecco Spumante produced in Veneto, Italy. Made with only the finest, hand-picked Glera grapes and using the Martinotti method, this sparkling prosecco boasts liveliness, versatility and elegance! This stunning Prosecco is suitable for use as an everyday tipple or to celebrate extra special occasions.

Each case contains six beautifully presented 70cl bottles each of a different colour; blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and purple.  The Accademia Rainbow Prosecco is brand new to the U.K. market and we can not wait for you to give it a try. Click on the link above to get yours! ?

About the Producer: Bottega

 Founded in 1977 this family-owned business is headed by Sandro Bottega who also owns a decorative glass business that could likely have led to the iconic packaging that we recognise from Bottega.


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