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Australian wines

GPBRANDS, your number one source of the best wine from around the world has now decided to stretch our hand, and are thus proud to introduce to you our over 30 Australian wines. Australian wine is renowned globally, not just for its rich and high quality, but also for its ability to have a personal experience. Wine you can take alone, with family, friends, and still derive the magic and thrill that comes from having some really good wine around. All our Australian brands are top notch, and blended from the best grapes and fruits from Australia. We have taken time to come up with the best brands, reputable and respectable brands that will always live up to your expectations.

Shiraz, Tappa Pass, Henschke; this must be the ultimate prize from Australia; it is a tasty wine that comes in a complex and bold deep crimson color. How would one even describe the taste of this wine? It tastes like blackberries, plums, blueberries, chocolate, and tar, all combined into one. It’s deeply irresistible, and its aroma is sweetly intense. This is a wine with class, the kind that you would need to spice up a celebration of an event of importance. Shiraz, Tappa Pass, Henschke is sweet, it is ripe, and is something we’d recommend to any wine lovers looking for something different from Europe, Americas, or South Africa. The wine is often used to pair white beans, or Veal albondigas.

Facts And Figures

Wine grape Production

In just 200 years, Australia’s wine trade has grown from a few petite plantings to an industry renowned throughout the world for excellence, novelty and intensity. In fact, Australia is constantly one of the top ten wine producing countries in the world and is one of the few countries that produce every one of the major wine techniques.

Source: WFA Data 2016

Overview of wine grape crush.
(Crush in ’000 tonnes)
2016 – 1807,207
2015 – 1,702,811
2014 – 1,675,073
2013 – 1,822,790
2012 – 1,666,370
2011 – 1,639,080
2010 – 1,533,246
2009 – 1,683,641

Australian Wines


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