Our Special Selection

Many countries worldwide produce fine wines, and it’s the sheer variety of different flavours, colours, bouquets, sweetness, dryness, fruitiness and much more that makes an exploration of world wines so exciting. Here then is a summary of some of the excellent wines in stock that are available from GP brands.

European Selection

When you think of Italian wines you might think of Chianti. The Colli Aretini Logge Vasari DOCG ARETINO is an inexpensive dry and fruity wine with a ruby red colour that exudes brightness and clarity. This is a versatile wine that can be served with red meats or roasted white meats, or simply offered all on its own.

French wines are sometimes considered the finest of all, and what better than a vivacious champagne for that very special occasion. The Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Taittinger 2006 should fit the bill nicely. Made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, this wine is a pale yellow colour with light, finely formed bubbles that rise steadily forming a ring of delicate foam on top. It is smooth and lively with rich full-bodied flavours, a mature aroma and a delight on the palate.

Spain produces a variety of excellent red wines, such as the Rioja Reserva Marques de Riscal 2010. Its colour is dark ruby red and its taste is clean, exhibiting a certain liveliness on the palate. The aroma is of red berries with an undertone of sweet spice and vanilla, and even a hint of chocolate. This is a wine to be enjoyed in the most delicious way possible, and the gentle sound of flamenco music in the background won’t go amiss here either.

Portuguese wines evoke thoughts of a fine after dinner port. The Fonseca 10 Year Old Tawny Port should satisfy even the most demanding palate. Aged in oak casks for 10 long years, this smooth port has a rich and fruity taste with a delicate wood suggestion. This is an elegant fortified wine, best served with a slight chill, that blends well with soft cheeses when taken at the end of a delicious meal


Wines are not all that is stocked and available at GP Brands. The Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka, for example, offers a five times distilled and charcoal filtered spirit that is clean, smooth and bright. The 21-year-old Highland Park Whisky, originating in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, adds a chocolate-butterscotch-orange aroma to a rich, sweet and smoky taste, and the Strega Alberti liqueur from Italy has over 70 complementing spices and herbs that are all mixed together in a uniquely subtle manner. and finally the Japanese Suntory Hibiki collection.

American And Pacific

South America produces some of the finest wines. A very affordable Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé Salta 2014 from Argentina with its mix of honeysuckle, rose and cherry aromas and dry, clean taste will definitely delight. Nearby Chile can offer the delicious Veramonte Pinot Noir Reserva Casablanca Valley 2011. This ruby red wine made from the Pinot Noir grape combines flavours of strawberry and cherry.

From North America, the Greenwood Pass White Zinfandel California 2012 is always bound to please. This rosé wine blends redcurrant, water melon and strawberry in an exciting manner. It is medium-dry with a clean, zestful attitude that might surprise you. Canada, while not particularly associated with sparkling wines, can offer you the NV Ice Cuvee Sparkling Peller, which won a Gold at the Ontario Wine Awards in 2014. This wine adds a subtle hint of sweetness to offset the dryness. Its bubbles are gentle and sustained, adding to a uniquely pleasurable drinking experience.

The south Pacific offers some excellent wines too. Take the The Stump Jump Chardonnay d’Arenberg 2011, for example. This Australian white wine attacks the palate with its citrus blossom mix where creamy nectarines and juicy peaches spring to mind. New Zealand, not to be outdone by its larger neighbour, can offer a remarkable red Organic Pinot Noir Urlar 2012. Plums and exotic spices swirl and mix around the palate, while the faint taste of red fruits linger on the tongue.


White Wines

Our white wine selection has been chosen to offer the best value superior wines for the most discerning of palates. I have to thank sincerely my dear friends who have put a unique input in to this selection of wines hoping you will enjoy them as much as they did.. 

Red Wines

Here we go, the reds! Up until now my preference has always been a nice chilled glass of white. However having sampled a number of excellent reds these are finalists that have made it on to this very select list. (don’t miss the Cerasuolo, my favorite) 

Rosé Wines

I selected this wonderful collection with the help of two breathtaking ladies, Nety and Renata. Rosé popularity has increased beyond my expectations and I am giving you the opportunity to sample some of the best on offer.

Sparkling Wines

The French are very protective of their bubbles and when you taste one of my sparkling choices you will realise the power of the Italian Prosecco that causes their concern. (try a glass of Prosecco with a touch of cranberry juice)

Dessert Wines

My dessert selection oozes unashamed self indulgence. In my opinion these few bottles offer you the prospect of completing your evening in the grandest fashion imaginable, and don’t forget to finish your dinner on a sweet note….(these have to be tasted to be believed)