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With it’s Mediterranean location Italy provides some of the finest selection of red wines in the world. The different regions of Italy provide many different wines, perfect for any occasion. From the full bodied wines of the North to the delightful sparkling reds from the warm central region. Here are just some of the most popular varieties of Italian wine.

Amarone – a ripe, full bodied dry wine made in the Valpolicello area of the Veneto in North-Eastern Italy from partially dried Corvina grapes. It is a fruity wine which goes well with savoury foods such as game or even spicy foods or stronger cheeses.

Barolo – a powerful, full bodied wine made with Nebbiolo grapes in the Barolo region of the Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland. Vineyards sitting at the foot of the Alps create what many feel is one of the finest Italian red wines. Barolo has a complex flavour packed with hints of herbs, strawberry and earth flavours. Often rich in tannin Barolo is best left for at least ten years often aged in oak barrels to add a richness to the wine.

Barolo can be enjoyed with a range of foods, however to enjoy the complex flavours you should avoid strongly flavoured sauces which will overpower the wine. Try a sirloin steak or game such as pheasant or duck. Milder cheeses are also excellent.

Barbaresco – great choice for a lighter wine with a close similarity to Barolo. It is made from the same Nebbiolo grapes yet is lighter bodied. It is a perfect accompaniment for pasta dishes or risotto as well as more flavoursome cheeses.

Chianti – a classic Italian wine with a medium bodied, yet very dry taste. Created from Sangiovese grapes from the Chianti area of Tuscany. ‘Chianti Classico’ indicates a wine which is produced from at least 80 percent Sangiovese grapes which has been aged for at least 10 months. This yields a richer, rounder flavour. Chianti is perfect with pasta dishes as well as chicken or pork dishes.

Lambrusco – a sparkling red Lambrusco from the North-Eastern Emilia-Romagna region of Italy can be purchased in a variety of styles. From a dry Secco, through to a sweet tasting Dulce. There are also a variety of flavors, for a sweeter tasting wine select a ‘Semisecco’ or ‘Dolce’ which will be perfect with desserts or to accompany an afternoon tea. ‘Secco Lambrusco’ is a more dry flavoured sparkling red wine. Perfect with red meat or even the most powerful cheese board. Lambrusco is a perfect choice for a variety of occasions from a celebration to a summer’s evening barbecue making a change from champagne or Prosecco.

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