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Buy Italian Wine Online From GP Brands

When we first started selling wine, we concentrated solely on Italy. As most of our sixty bottles came from Sicily, we traded under the name ‘Made in Sicily’. Just over eighteen months later, however, we realised we would have to expand our business and our trading name if we were to give our customers all that they needed. So the company became known as GP Brands and quickly became well-known and widely respected as one of the leading online stockists and sellers of quality wines from all around the world. Although we endeavour to remain true to our Sicilian roots, it would have been an act of folly not to make every effort to supply the overwhelming demand from his customers for different kinds of wine from all across the planet. And the efforts paid off, for today, GP Brands stocks, sells and delivers over 6,500 high quality wines from countries as diverse as Australia and New Zealand, Chile and Argentina, France and Italy, Portugal and Spain, Canada and the US. However, our range of Italian wines is still something worth gloating about all on its own. It really is a mouth-watering selection. Let’s just pore over the highlights for a moment.

We have over 836 Italian red wines in stock so it can be difficult to narrow it down. Maybe you have a favourite region, or you can always be inspired by our list of top rated bottles, a list that currently features a Planeta Frappato, a Primitivo Salento Boheme and the non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon from 2014.

With almost 400 Italian white wines to choose from, GP Brands has something for every occasion and every budget. Journey through Italy with bottles from Friuli Venezia Giulia Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and of course Sicily.

A fine selection of Italian rosés from Pinot Grigio Blush to the darker Sicilian Arpeggio to the almost red Tre Torri from Santadi in Sardinia. Again, something to suit every taste.

We have a large range of Italian sparkling wines, from Lambrusco to Ferrari and everything in between. Not to mention dessert wines and liqueurs, including limencellograppa, amaro and sambuca. Whatever you need, we’ll send it straight to your front door. GP Brands. We keep a sensational cellar


Buy French Wine Online From GP Brands

One of the most historic wine-making territories on the planet, France is also one of the world’s largest producers of wine. Centuries of wine-making expertise, a varied climate and superior soil quality ensures France leads the pack when it comes to delicious wine of all varieties. Here at GP Brands, you’ll find a premier pick of full-bodied reds, sparkling whites and much more besides.

Looking for the perfect partner for food? At GP Brands, we’ve an amazing range of French red wines to choose from. Produced with some of the most delicious grape varieties, you’ll discover an epic selection of rich blends offering plenty of depth and body to satisfy the senses. Enjoy classic red wine varieties from the historic Bordeaux region, or treat yourself to something full in fruity flavour from the Burgundy region. You’ll find plenty of options available, whether you’re looking for the perfect blended red for summer drinking, or need an awesome accompaniment for meaty mains and celebratory dinners

Prefer your wine on the lighter side? You’re spoilt for choice with a premier selection at GP Brands. Enjoy a glass of dry white? Take your pick from an amazing array of Chardonnays, from light and fruity varieties, to more full-bodied blends with plenty of flavour. Need something to cap off a dinner? Choose a delicious French Sémillon, packed with sweet fruity flavours and plenty of sparkle for a zesty kick.

La Provence Rosé

Pick a refreshing rosé wine that brings together the best of both varieties. France is one of the oldest producers of rosé in the world, and you’ll find some of the best-loved varieties for sale at GP Brands. The perfect refreshment for lazy summer days, browse a brilliant selection from producers like Chateau Sainte MargueritJean-Luc Colombo and Vacheron.

Enjoy Authentic Champagne

When it comes to celebrating, nothing quite hits the spot like a glass of sparkling Champagne. Generally made from white Chardonnay grapes, or sometimes darker-skinned Pinot noir and Pinot Meurier varieties, Champagne is produced exclusively in the Champagne wine-making district in north-east France. Here at GP Brands, you’ll find an incredible choice of premium Champagnes on offer from some of the best producers around. Treat yourself to something special with vintage blends from TaittingerLouis Roederer Cristal Brut or Laurent-Perrier just to mention few. We’ve got Champagne blends to satisfy every palate, from the discerning connoisseur looking for plenty of depth of flavour, to those looking for something more accessible for clinking to a toast or ringing in the New Year.


Buy Spanish Wine Online From GP Brands

Some may find themselves unfamiliar with Spanish wines, compared to French or possibly Italian, yet Spain holds a great variety of wines.

Indulge In Rich Red Wines

Rioja is a popular region for Spanish red wines and we stock a wonderful selection. Most loved for their fruity and earthy flavours, they are a great mix of Old World and New world styles.

Fabulous White Varieties

Our selection of Spanish white wines is perfect for those who have enjoyed white wines from other countries and are looking to explore wines from other countries. A great place to start is with Txakoli wine; a distinctly citrusy white wine, which is low in alcohol. Most notably is Txakolina Adur – a flavourful white wine and product of the Basque country. It matches very well with salty seafood.


Our selection of Spanish rosé wines were produced between 2013 and 2015. From the Las Fincas Rosado Chivite Family Estates, which is perfect chilled and drunk on its own to the Docetanidos Clarete Lezcano Lacalle which is an ideal choice with charcuterie and grilled white meat dishes, there is a rosé for every occasion.


Aside from your popular redswhites and rosé wines, fortified is an excellent choice. Although well known, it can be easily overlooked, if people don’t understand what it is. In simple terms, a fortified wine is one whereby alcohol has been added to the wine at, near or during fermentation. Developed in the 17th Century, it initially gained popularity because it strengthened wine for shipping. Now, there are many varieties of fortified Spanish wine, including: Valdespino Pedro Ximénez El Candado and Croft Original Port Sherry.

Mixed Wine

Lolea Sangria Blanco Colmado Casa Lola and Lolea Sangria Tinto Colmado Casa Lola are our two exciting Spanish mixed wines that are available. Both medium-dry, one is white and one comes in a light cherry-red colour.

We invite you to read the additional information provided, in the individual descriptions of each wine listed.


Buy Argentinian Wine Online From GP Brands

If you’re looking for some great wines with a unique sense of flavour, look no further than Argentina. With its warm climate and open land, this country is a fantastic location for vineyards, leading to a succulent selection of redwhite and rose wines. Not sure where to start? Let this guide give you an overview of the best wines this beautiful country has to offer. Whichever wine you prefer, Argentina has something for everyone.

Powerful Rich Red Wines

Argentina produces a large number of red wines, all rich in flavour. Popular grapes include malbec, with examples including the Terroir Series IV (both the Finca Orellana Trapiche and Finca Ambrosia Trapiche bottles) from 2011, or 2014’s Gran Mascota Malbec. Other grapes commonly grown in Argentina include pinot noir and sauvignon. When it comes to excellent pinot noir, both Melodias Winemakers (with their 2014 sample) and Humberto Canale (with their 2013 selection) make their own smokey, oaked flavours.

Superb White Varieties

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a white wine that still holds plenty of flavour, Argentina still has many great options for you. Chardonnay, for example, is a common example. The 2012 and 2013 Uco Valley Mendoza, from the Salentein Single Valley, are very popular examples, as well as the fruity essence of the 2014 and 2015 Bodegas Callia. Alongside this, the land is also ideal for growing sauvignon blanc, with Santa Anna’s 2015 wine being a particularly refreshing example, thanks to its gentle, citrus aroma.


If you prefer something that a little sweeter, there are also a number of excellent rose wines produced here. Specifically, Argentina grows a number of gentle malbec and rose wines. The 2015 Portillo is a very popular example, thanks to its fresh fruity essence and the gentle, subtle hint of vanilla. Alternatively, you can try the 2015 and 2014 Privado Malbec from Etchart, which has a slightly heavier flavour, with the hint of cherry. As you can see, Argentina truly offers a broad range of wines. Thanks to its warm climate and long summer months, this is a land that winemakers flock to, producing delicacies that can complete with the very finest in Europe.


Buy PORTUGUESE Wine Online From GP Brands

An Introduction To Portuguese Wines

When it comes to wine, Portugal is up there with the likes of France and Italy as a European country that makes some truly great sensations. Whether its red or white, vintage or nonvintage, the great weather and proud tradition of Portugal means that there are some fantastic flavours to be sampled.

Red Wines

When it comes to succulent red wines, Portugal has produced some astonishing flavours in recent years. This country favours grapes that produce a rich, fruity aroma, such as the Touriga Nacional grape. Looking for a perfect example? The Touriga Nacional Quinta do Crasto 2011is only 5 years old, yet provides a heavy drink perfect accompanying food or providing warmth on cold nights.

Superb Varieties

As far as white wines are concerned, Portugal is a long producer of great quality wines. Both the 2014 and 2013 bottles of Vinho Verde Quinta de Azevedo, for instance, provide the sweet flavour, with just a subtle hint of lemon, that the northern regions are known for. The 2011 Oliphonia Reserva Branco Grandeiro, on the other hand, has a more intense, fruity sensation that is more typical of Mediterranean wines.


When a region specialises in both great red and white wines, it stands to reason that they also know a thing or two about rose. Portugal is no exception to this. These have the sweet yet light aroma that you would expect from a fine rose. Try the Pato Fri Cashmere Rose, for instance. While only 2 years old, this drink has a soft, fruity flavour that captures the essence of its native Alentejo region.

When a region specialises in both great red and white wines, it stands to reason that they also know a thing or two about rose. Portugal is no exception to this. These have the sweet yet light aroma that you would expect from a fine rose. Try the Pato Fri Cashmere Rose, for instance. While only 2 years old, this drink has a soft, fruity flavour that captures the essence of its native Alentejo region.