Bottega Gold Prosecco Brut


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Bottega Gold is a top quality Prosecco from Valdobbiadene; it is produced solely from DOCG quality grapes with no reserve wine being used in its production to maximise freshness on the palate. Italian legislation prohibits the wine using the DOCG classification due to the gold packaging and so it is sold as DOC Treviso, which does not reflect its true quality!The family-owned business, founded in 1977 and headed by Sandro Bottega, also owns a decorative glass business: the iconic packaging was created by Bottega, the individually painted finish being one of the brand”s key selling points, making the wines instantly recognisable.One of Bottega Gold”s USPs is that only one ferment is employed during its production: this is very rare. This trickier method of production (all the elements must be in balance from the start unlike the double ferment process when adjustments can be made half way though) undoubtedly produces a higher-quality wine. Bottega Gold Rosé is a 100% sparkling Pinot Noir and a great complement to Bottega Gold with its elegant pink colour and equally striking packaging.


Made from Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills which are hand-picked and gently pressed in the winery. The must obtained is fermented in for nearly 40 days, at about 15° C, with the addition of selected yeasts. Characteristic, fruity with scents of golden apple, Williams pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley.










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