Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Wine Tastings


Well it’s been a long 12 months but things seem to slowly be returning to some sort of normality and we cannot wait to help you celebrate with your loved ones and make up for a lost time!

The key to holding a successful wedding reception, an anniversary celebration, a corporate event, or any other social gathering, lies in availing the right wine for your guests. Often, the wine sets a fun light-hearted atmosphere for all other activities to follow, whether that be music, games, or simply conversation.

At GP Brands we are extremely experienced and professional when it comes to helping you choose the right wine for any occasion. We have immense experience in the restaurant business and wine industry, and as a result provide a friendly, helpful service when it comes to deciding which wine to serve as well as providing the wine in an efficient and precise manner. In addition to just wine, we are able to help you decide between the best champagne, spirits, and Prosecco available on the market, to not only entertain your guests but also to make sure that your choice of alcohol compliments your menu of the day!

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All our brands are competitively priced and are picked from some of the greatest wine producers from around the globe. We cover a variety of countries including the likes of Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, Chile, USA, as well as many other countries famous for producing wine. This vast array of contrasting tastes means it is almost a certainty that we will be able to find a wine for any occasion that you are preparing for. This is due to the fact we incorporate enough diversity in our stock to suit almost anyone’s personal taste.

Regardless of your budget, we can always get you the right brand for any event. Here at GP brands, we stock wines and spirits that possess great diversity in regards to price in addition to taste. This allows us to help you, as our client, to choose the best suiting wines depending on both personal taste and price range.

Another great reason to choose GPBrands for your weddings or other celebrations is a result of our pay for what you drink policy. This means that we let you take away an entire case or cases, let your guests have their fill, and we’ll then charge you only for what has been consumed and collect the remaining cases. This means you are at no risk of over-ordering with us and spending money that could’ve been used to help make your celebration even more special than it is already going to be (T&C apply).